Abductions: Deputy Speaker refers Hon Zaake to a disciplinary committee over misconduct

The Deputy Speaker Hon Thomas Tayebwa who chaired parliament on the 29th of November 2022 has referred Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi to the committee of rules, privileges, and discipline following Zaake’s alleged misconduct during the after-noon plenary of the same day.

Zaake who was raising a matter concerning the numerous abductions of supporters of the opposition especially the National Unity Platform was told by the Speaker to sit down as what he was raising was not part of the agenda for the day.

A hesitant Zaaks refused to obey the orders of the speaker and decided to continue speaking something that forced the Speaker to call off the house for a few minutes.

According to the Speaker, some politicians are dramatizing politics looking for headline stories and wanting to gain political capital from any opportunity they get urging people like Zaake to go to the National Theatre if they are drama actors but not to bring such nonsense to parliament.

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