Museveni is out , let Bobi Wine occupy his seat in Entebbe, says Frank M. Gashumba

“Museveni is out of the country, let Bobi Wine and his henchmen go occupy his seat in Entebbe”, says @FrankGashumba


Sisimuka Uganda leader Mr Frank Gahsumba who was pronounced dead on social media came out to clear the air saying that he wasn’t dead.

Gashumba attributed to the spread of the fake news by followers of Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi the National Unity Platform Principal whom he termed as idlers, pigs, weedsmokers and losers whose aim is to tarnish names of all those who do not support NUP.

According to Gashumba, his only crime was to dilute and counter the fake propaganda that was being spread on social media by NUP supporters who at one time pronounced the Kabaka of Buganda of dead, among others.

Gashumba adds that the hate speech and spread of fake news is sanctioned by Mr Robert Kyagulanyi who thinks he can use propaganda to oust Gen Museveni out of power something that can never happen.

Gashumba further adds that Kyagulanyi and his supporters are the most intolerant gang that thinks that those who don’t support Gen Museveni should automatically support NUP hence those who differ with such an ideology are attacked and blackmailed in the severest way possible.

‘ If your only weapons are the big mouths and perhaps razorblades , what would happen if you took charge of this country for even 30 minutes. Would those who don’t believe in you stay alive?” Gashumba asked

Gashumba also said that every Ugandan has a right to support any candidate of his or her choice whether Museveni, Besigye, Mugisha Muntu or Kyagulanyi or Muhoozi Kainerugaba and thus the idiocy of NUP trying to forcefully coherse every one into supporting them is wrong.

Gashumba also made it clear that any one who thinks can use an election to oust Museveni out of power is dreaming and thats why he (Gashumba) supports Gen Muhoozi the Standby Generator who will come and take power as soon as Gen Museveni decides not to stand of anything unfortunate happening unfolds.

“You cannot say you’re in a struggle when you spend most of the time at the beach eating fish and tell Ugandans that you’re removing the dictator. A dictator is not overthrown through press conferences and spreading fake news.” He said

Gashumba vowed not to stay silent as NUP and Kyagulanyi spread fake news and propaganda promising to counter any form of fake news that is meant to brainwash the public.

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