Afande Ernesto Otafiire reacts to reckless shooting dead of civilian by UPDF soldier

Yesterday news broke out showing showing a UPDF soldier who happens to be a non commissionedoffcier who was identified as Ssali Abdul shot dead a civilian boda boda rider Waligo Ronald aged 38 after the two got a misunderstanding afte the boda rider accidently scratched the car of the UPDF officer.

The two had gone to pick their children from Kawanda secondary school. The UPDF soldier over reacted, pulling out a gun and shot dead the boda boda rider who happened to be a parent too.

According to Afande Ernesto Otafiire, no one should lose their life is such a reckless manner and thus the non commissioned officer should face the law using the legal system in place if found guilty.

“No one should lose their life in that manner, there is a legal system in place that will severely reprimand the U.P.D.F Non-Commissioned Officer if found guilty. (Most probably guilty).” He said

Afande Ernesto however showed dissatisfaction on how Mr Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine the National Unity Platform President easily dragged Gen Museveni into the matter as if he (Museveni)was at the crime scene.

“Use other better incidents to chastise your political rivals. Was Museveni at the gate also?” He commented on Kyagulanyi’s tweet.

After the incident Kyagulanyi said that what happened is a sign that ‘Every day of Museveni’s rule means more impunity’ adding that uga have to ‘deal with the cause not symptoms.’

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