Let Semogerere’s death, unite Uganda: Let’s listen to Mao’s transition ideas: Lutukumoi

Let Semogerere’s death, unite Uganda: Let’s listen to (@norbertmao) ‘s transition ideas: Lutukumoi.


60 years of pain and no peaceful transfer of power. In 1980 after election that was rigged from him, Dr. Semogerere continued advocating for dialogue to make Uganda better.

When NRM took power in 1986, he worked with government to unite Ugandans. Many called him names like Mao today. Mao signed a cooperation agreement with M7’s NRM and has been talking transition, though, President said they didn’t discuss transition, that NRM will. Mr. President, we are hurting.

In 1996, he showed that unity in diversity matters. Formed the most successful Unity among opposition, IPFC. Introduced Cecelia Ogwal in Luwero, a UPC stall at hated in Bugands and moved to the entire country with her campaigning.

Last week, opposition in usual game went to Kenya to show solidarity with each other, condemning human rights abuse in Uganda and prepare for election they call sham as usual.

To me the way forward is. Let enough be enough. The likes of Mao and Acholi who lost decades, life and time can not wait for drama from President Museveni and opposition. Friends water melone this and traitor that, Junta and dictator that game won’t help. If you go through election, no President will continue. This time 99% because Ugandans live in poverty and with them declaring anything.

Note Acholi and north have no voice! When you hear them succumbed to money in our commercilised politics it’s not Stockholm syndrome.

Hundreds of the people killed or have body mutilated in Acholi. No month, ears others with one eye. People live in poverty and disease. The past decades they saw it all. Enough is enough. To date hundreds are dying in Buganda and live in fear.

Some of us believe that any real change can only come through Ugandans coming together. For how long will we wait to have no freedom?

For how long will we wait to have no accountable government elected by the people not dictatorship?

For how long will we be decieved by opposition keeping government through participating in sham elections for money?

How many people are killed, tortured and live in fear! Look at people like Segirinya and hundred others incarcerated because of bad politics?

I think torture victims like Acholi, the likes of us, the Maos goes beyond abuse. Imagine how people like Kakwenza and disabled people like us feel.

In 2011 as national spokesperson DP, I survived death. I was tortured. I broke hands, damaged my disc and spinal cord. I lived in pain till I reached America and was operated. I am disabled and developed neurological disorders that makes me walk and talk like a drunkard. The torture was severe.

Let Dr. Semogerere’s death unite us.

Mwaka Lutukumoi.

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