Govt head teachers in trouble over charging high fees in schools, Lyantonde leaders demand mortuary facility


GOVERNMENT aided head teachers from Lyantonde district are in trouble after some parents and locals leaders after receiving information that most of the head teachers chase pupils and students from school after failing to pay fees yet are government schools.

Parents cry out for help saying that it has led to high rate of school drop out in Lyantonde district, seeking for the audience from the minister of Education and sports.

Hajat Namyalo while Endorsing M7 and the ten achievements in Lyantonde

Leaders made their remarks at Lyantonde town council while the 1986 generation launching the ten achievements of the president Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa has done and some of these these achievements include, total peace and stability country wide, decentralization of power, uniting Ugandans regardless of tribes and religion, Infrastructural development, Fighting HIV/AIDs and COVID-19.

Others listed include; freedom of speech, women emancipation, building a professional and disciplined Army, democracy and good governance, ensuring regional peace and stability among others.

Most of the head teachers in government schools are in trouble and others are set to face disciplinary committee to work on them, for charging much money from parents as school fees.

Deputy RDC Bukomansi Fred Kalema Pax (3rdL), D/RDC Kasanda Faizo Sseruwagi and others

They told Whisper Eye News that; “this has lead to increased number of school drop out yet the government introduced UPE and USE to allow parents who can afford private schools to be able to educate their children in government aided schools”.

Political leaders also told Mrs Hadijja and other officials that Lyantonde don’t have facility mortuary yet they experience a lot of accident on that road and appealed to her to take their voice to the concerned officials as soon as possible to be worked out.

Hajji Ibrahim Kitatta the communication boss from the office of ONC blasted a section of people including the whites from outside the country who are against the construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

“Those who are blocking the construction of EACOP are the first rebels of our country including whites as far as development and service delivery is concerned,” says Mr Kitatta.

Kitatta vows to deal with anybody trying to block this wonderful project which is going to solve the challenge of unemployment in Uganda.

“When the white were constructing Railway line to take copper there was no environment degradation, but when it comes to Uganda to do some development projects that is when they start making noise that the environment is destroyed,” Mr Kitatta explained.

Who is Hajji Ibrahim

Kitatta Al Malik the LC. V boss Lwengo district who was appointed recent by the president of Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to be the communication boss of the office of the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) based at Kyambogo.

Kitatta is renowned Musevenist and NRM mobilizer, who is expected to bring life to the office of the National chairman of the NRM because of his powerful skills of converting opposition supporters to join NRM.

Kitatta holds an MBS in Finance and Accounting, a Certified Public Accountant of Uganda, An honours Bachelor’s Degree from Makerere University and currently a law student at Makerere University.

Kitatta has served in many capacities including coordinator Eastern Africa for Khartoum based Arab Youth Agency, Secretary General and National Treasure of National Youth Council of Uganda and NRM youth league chairperson for Buganda Region.

Fred Muhangi the LCV boss Lyantonde district who came on NRM ticket appreciated the NRM government for the renovation of maternity ward, and construction of general Ward at Kasambya hospital, and two theaters were also constructed.

Mr Muhangi asked the government through the ministry of health to increase on the number of drugs they put in these facilities.

He appreciated the NRM government installed electricity power in most of the areas but asked president Museveni together with UMEME to reduce for them on the price of the unit of electricity.

Arguing that very many youth and women use electricity to do their small businesses so that they can eradicate poverty in their communities.

He added that the government has injected millions of money in Lyantonde Senior Secondary and they have just finished to construct the administration block, well finished seed schools like Kinuka SSS and Lwamabala Seed SSS and any student who attend that school he or she will be like that one who studies from those powerful private schools in Uganda.

He revealed to the senior presidential advisor Hajat Hadijja Namyalo Uzeiyi and locals that in 2006 when Lyantonde was cut from Rakia district had thirty (30)primary schools but now have reached to fifty two (52) new schools and even the number of students has increased as far as education is concerned.

Muhanga says that the government has also constructed technical institute and over four hundred have already occupied the facility and this has reduced the level of literacy among Ugandans.

Jamir Kazibwe one of the youth under 1986 generation he told the gathering that him plus his team are going to move to all parts of the country while spreading and airing out some of the ten achievements done by NRM government and asked all the youth to support Museveni instead of moving on streets with some of the opportunists from opposition side who want to fulfill their interests.

Hajat Hadija Namyalo when she was given the microphone she thanked all the organizers and told all the leaders who aired out their problems that she take them to the concerned offices so that can be solved.

Hajat Namyalo says that the office of the National chairman(ONC)at have already deployed senior staffs moving all of the country teaching Ugandans more especially the youth skilling methods so that they can be liberated from rampant unemployment and poverty.

She asked all Ugandans to embrace all the government programs like Emyooga, Parish Development Model (PDM) and many others because no government is going to come and inject money in their pockets and they must be careful with some of the opposition leaders some want to use them then they will dump them and they start regretting yet their are a lot of projects brought by the government to solve their problems.

The 1986 generation youth later handed over a spare plus a shield to give to the president Museveni as sign of using to fight any body who want to fight him.

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