Greater Masaka corrupt govt officials on spot as Minister praises Tirupati Development Uganda

By Aslam Makula

The state minister for economic monitoring Beatrice Akello together with Vincent Tumusiime the head of the director of Economic Affairs and Research in the state House and other teams from the Anti-corruption Unit [ACU] have vowed to squeeze all the greater Masaka corrupt government officials who have swindled the money and start doing shoddy work.

Minister Akello when together with the team she moving with while monitoring all the government projects in this region when they reached Masaka Regional Referral Hospital where the government is constructing a complex they were so happy because of the perfect work done by Tirupati Development Uganda Limited which was given the tender.

The officials from Tirupati Development Uganda Limited told the minister and her team that they face a problem with funds to complete the construction in time and she promised them that she is going to put much effort to see that the concerned officials can release the remaining balance funds.

Officials and some Masaka district officials asked the government to award more contracts to this company they know what they are doing compared to other companies because they are just doing shoddy work only hence leading to some opposition leaders blaming the government.

Minister Akello (center) monitoring the complex building at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital

Tirupati Development Uganda Limited is located in Kamwokya Kampala Uganda it was established in 2006 to undertake civil construction and real estate development Business.

The Company derives its name from its mother company TIRUPATI SARJAN INDIA.

The officials say that after making its foray into real estate in India, Tirupati Limited has emerged as one of the prominent Indian real estate companies riding on the demand for world-class housing and business complexes.

Tirupati group has carved a niche for itself by providing affordable residential and commercial real estate solutions that offer value for money to its customer.

The company so far completed and delivered over 2000 projects in India consisting of residential estates commercial shopping complexes, recreational parks, and educational facilities valued at billions, all on-time deliveries and all projects spread across Europe, Asia, and currently Africa, in particular, Uganda where we have a number of projects under Development.

Miraj Barot the joint managing director of this company says that their main objective is to provide well-designed properties and property services to the increasing number of interested home and commercial property owners in the local market and also to promote an awareness that profitable development need not destroy the local environment, but can build upon and reinforce the qualities and traditions of local life.

Mr. Barot revealed that their team is comprised of qualified local and international staff and associates who have built up local knowledge and understanding of the local market and are well-equipped to provide a comprehensive range of consultation and development services and to help create a more efficient property market in Uganda for the long term benefit of the community.

The acting Hospital Director who doubles also the head of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Gonzaga Gonza Ssenyondo told the minister and her team that the construction is moving well and the contractors knows what they are doing only that the delay came as a result of the outbreak of deadly disease Covid19 pandemic in the world which has made the work not to move well plus the funds but has promised the team that if they release the money in time everything will be okay.

Some other medics officials say that the current facility is in a very appalling state and this force Some patients to sleep in corridors, verandas, and nearby compound due to lack of space while others are discharged shortly after delivery even when they still need medical attention.

Minister Beatrice Akello says if the construction of this modern facility is done Masaka Hospital will address the problem of congestion compared to the number of expectant mothers visiting the hospital plus other patients from greater Masaka.

Mr. Swaib Sula Mbaya Makumbi one of the patient’s activities says the construction of this complex will improve health services delivery in the region and also will add more votes to NRM as a party if they release the funds in time it will help sweep all the seats from LCI to president seat.

Makumbi Sula Mbaya revealed to officials from the state house that because of the current congestion and lack of enough space plus the beds in the old maternity ward forced pregnant mothers to seek services from traditional birth attendants and some end losing their lives there.

The government is supposed to release over UGX 12 billion to facilitate the construction of a modern maternity ward and a children’s ward and the four-storied structure will have several Gynecology Units, Intensive Care Unit [ICU] Antenatal and Neonatal centers, Labour and Postnatal Wards. It will also have a Pediatric and Nutrition Unit and an Adolescent Health Unit.

Minister and her team were shocked after reaching some government projects where huge amounts of money were injected and they did only shoddy work this annoyed her to direct the ISO officials and Ant –Corruption officials from the state house to start investigating the key suspects.

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