“Witch doctors, pastors and other religious leaders don’t treat Ebola, go to hospitals – Museveni advises public

On Tuesday 15th Nov 2022, the President of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressed the nation on matters of Ebola virus in the country a virus that has claimed lives of over 50 Ugandans while hundreds are still hospitalized.

According to Gen Museveni, one of the reasons why Ebola has persisted in our communities is because of the uncivilized ideological beliefs of some Ugandans who instead of going to hospitals to recieve treatment immediately opt for going to shrines and churches thinking that Ebola can be treated spiritually.

Gen Museveni ordered witch doctors in the highly affected districts of Mubende and Kassanda to suspend their ritual activities during this period because it has been discovered that some infected persons go to shrines to seek spiritual healing yet this virus can only be treated medically by science.

Gen Museveni also warned religious leaders who confuse their followers by assuring them that through prayer, Ebola can varnish.

” These diseases and viruses on earth are natural but God gave man science to treat himself if attacked. Even in the days of Jesus Christ, those suffering from leprosy were never allowed to mix with the general population. It’s saddening that people of 2000 years ago knew science better than our Ugandans of today.” He said

In Kassanda, 11 family members died after 10 exhumed the body of their beloved one who had died of Ebola in wanting to give it a decent burrial.

Gen Museveni also warned Boda Boda riders in Kassanda and Mubende against breaking the lockdown directives after it was discovered that they carry passengers instead of cargo only. The General said that should they continue misbehaving, he will ban them from riding the boda bodas.

Cargo trucks carrying tree logs were also banned from going into and out of Mubende and Kassanda after it was discovered that these truck drivers were carrying passengers.

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