Muhoozi is the dangerous substitute to come in after Museveni, says Gashumba

Mr Frank M. Gashumba who was recently elected as the media coordinator for the MK army, a General Muhoozi Kainerugaba political mobilization wing, has started his role in high gears. #WhisperEyeNews

Gashumba has started by clearing the air that there is absolutely no growing tensions between the Gen Muhoozi faction and Gen Museveni’s faction over the presidency asserting that Gen Muhoozi will only appear on the ballot paper if his father (Museveni) decides not to contest not limting the target to 2026 or 2031 and beyond.

According to Gashumba, Muhoozi is still a serving military officer who by law is not allowed to engage into politics and the only person who can retire him from the army is the Commander in Chief Gen Yoweri Museveni.

“Muhoozi is a serving military officer. The person holding the keys to free him from the chains of the military is Gen Museveni. The day he will free him is the day you will know he has officially allowed his son to engage into active politics.” Gashumba said

Gashumba added that as long Gen Muhoozi is alive, he will be the next president of Ugandan because he has the capacity and support to steer the country to further development and also maintain the political stability of the nation.

” There is nothing wrong with Gen Muhoozi contesting for the presidency as long as he is retired from the army because he is a Ugandan with the right and meets the required academic qualifications. We have a right a support him as others may have a right to support any other person. Politics is a game of numbers.” He added

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