Being put in a drone is not illegal, says Minister Baryomunsi

Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon Dr Chris Baryomunsi while in an interview with the African Institute of Investigative Journalism said that there is no illegality when one is dragged and thrown into the notorious mini Van commonly known as the Drone.

Baryomunsi said that the car itself (drone) has no problem but the only problem arises from the method of arrest.

According to Baryomunsi, a suspect should be approached in a good way and the security identifies itself without necessarily causing havoc and injuring the suspect.

” Being put in a drone is not illegal. The car has no problem. Even if it was a Benz. The method of arrest is the one with the problem. ” he said

Baryomunsi was being asked about the ever increasing unhuman arrests by security forces roaming around in drone mini vans with many victims being tortured in the end while others lose their dear lives.

Baryomunsi defended government that torture is not part of this government and all officers who use torture to extract information from suspects are doing it on their own but not representing government and thus will be held accountable personally.

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