Video: Uganda is bleeding! 5 Ugandans storm UN committee against torture shouting AG Kiryowa is a liar

This week a United Nations committee against torture in Geneva, Switzerland saw Uganda’s Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka defend the government of Uganda on torture and killings reports in Uganda.

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In one of the submissions on Uganda’s torture of citizens allegations, the Attorney General told the commitment to protect people against torture has remained resolute.

In his address on the existence of safe houses that are allegedly used to torture political victims, Kiryowa denied the existence of safe houses most opposition supporters claim to have been detained and tortured for their political beliefs.

A video on how Women protested against Ag Kiryowa Kiwanuka

He assured the UN Committee against Torture in Geneva that there is accountability for abuses and the Uganda government does not at all cordon acts of torture and does prosecute those who have allegedly committed torture crimes against Ugandans.

As the AG concluded his torture defense at the United Nations, five Women Ugandans wearing outfits printed with pictures of those allegedly tortured and killed by Ugandan security forces stormed the session of the UN Committee against torture shouting ” Uganda is bleeding, the AG Kiryowa Kiwanuka is a liar”

The protest lasted for about two minutes as members of the committee looked on in disbelief, the protest audio was muted by the UN, and later security escorted them out of the committee session.

It is reported that the five Women Ugandans were temporarily detained by UN security and ordered to delete all the content recorded and handed over to the swiss police for interrogation.

They have been released without a charge! a serious familiarity with the story source confirmed.

Sources: Remmy Bhati tweets

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