NUP’s plan to uproot Erias Lukwago out of city hall in 2026 activated

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago known to many as ‘engabo ya Kampala ‘( the shield of Kampala) may have to come up with new tactics and strategy if he is to retain his seat in 2026 because the admirers of his seat are not seated.

Lukwago who stood on the Forum for Democratic Change ticket humiliatingly defeated his opponents not sparing the candidate of the National Unity Platform Nabilah Naggayi Sempala .

Following the deflating defeat, NUP has started coming up with new strategies aimed at a counter-offensive to see that it captures the city hall from the hands of Ssalongo Erias and FDC.

This media has carried out a covert investigation that shed light on how NUP plans to make its project a success.

The investigation reveals that NUP is convincing former Kawempe North MP Hajji Latif Ssebagala to come out and take on his friend Lukwago. Ssebagala in the last election chickened out of the Lord Mayor race after being sat down by top Muslim officials who advised him to let Lukwago serve another term without the two bringing split-ups within the Muslim community.

NUP zeroed down on Latif Ssebagala after they found out that other options of Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya and Nabilah Naggayi were unpopular among the citizens.

Rubongoya wasn’t chosen because of the fact that he comes from the western part of the country hence making him a candidate less liked within the city and the fact that he is not a Muslim.

Nabilah following her disappointing performance in the last election was seen as unpopular also due to her alleged ties with the regime in power.

Starting Next year , Latif will be assigned roles and projects within Kampala that will make him more popular among the Kampalans to make sure that he gives Lukwago a run for his money.

Latif has also been briefed on how to be more radical and aggressive since the people of the Capital city love extremism and continued locking horns with the security forces whenever a chance comes up.

NUP’s cry out is that Erias Lukwago is not part of them and has not done enough at the city hall to use his office to push for regime change.

However many would wish to become Lord Mayors in the city but it looks like Lukwago is a hard rock to knock out. Lukwago is very popular in the capital city with many saying that even Bobi Wine cannot defeat him in the mayoral race.

Many say that Lukwago is loved not because he delivers services to the city but because of his resilient fight for the rights of city dwellers with others adding that he is incorruptible.

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