People of Rwanda origin born in Uganda are Ugandans not Rwandese, says Gashumba

Frank Gashumba(@FrankGashumba ) of Sisimuka Uganda a known social activist fighting for the rights of Ugandans of Rwanda origin has come out to clear the air on the confusion about the citizenship of Banyarwanda born in Uganda. #WhisperEyeNews

According to Mr Gahsumba all people of Rwanda origin who were born in Ugandan regardless of the fact that their parents or great ancestors migrated from Rwanda are Ugandan citizens (citizenship by birth) not Rwandeese as many opposition activists portray the matter.

Gashumba said he was born in Uganda and thus is a citizen of Uganda who has the same rights as a muganda, munyankole , Mucholi or a Musoga. Gashumba said the propaganda and hate speech against Bavandimwe is spread by known opposition activists who support Mr Kyagulanyi and the National Unity Platform trying to use the tribal card to push their political agendas.

Gashumba said just like Barack Obama whose father was Kenyan but he (Obama) was born in the US made he an American citizen who rose to the rank of the US president and no one castigated him or denied him any rights. He says it is sickening for Africans who still look at each other on tribal lines instead of judging someone according to his potential and capabilities.

Gashumba added that he is ready to fight with any group that thinks Bavandimwe is less of Ugandan citizen than others or those who are saying Bavandimwe should go back to Rwanda.

” We are going nowhere. We shall support leaders who will protect our rights and fight with those that think we are less of citizens than any other tribes. He said

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