FDC’s Doreen Nyanjura condemns police operation, as 6374 Boda Boda impounded

Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor Ms Doreen Nyanjura Omutatina (@DoreenNyanjura) has condemned the ongoing police operation to impound Boda Boda’s in Kampala mainly.


Doreen commonly known as “FDC preacher” took to Twitter to share her frustration on the massive operation by security forces to impound what they described as illegal Boda Bodas in Kampala.

She tweeted, “In their bid to save lives, they are impounding Boda Bodas, so far 6000 bodas in Kampala have been impounded.

Surprisingly this is being done by Security forces clearly creating insecurity. Those that are now jobless will look for means of survival that require no capital!”

“Can we address the unemployment question and stop harassing Ugandans trying to earn a living by all means necessary!”, Doreen added in another tweet.

The well-known human activist in another tweet noted “Many of us are stuck at work places where we wouldn’t be if we had a way out, this scenario applies to boda boda riders, if they had a choice, they would have found decent work to do, their choices are limited hence they resort to boda boda riding even when they know it’s risky.”

In an update, police Faridah Nampiima has indicated that , the police operation has resulted in impounding 6,374 motorcycles country-wide in the last two days”.

“We are on day three of the operation on motorcycles, mainly targeting crash/safety helmets and retro-reflective jackets”. Faridah Nampiima said.

“A total number of 4,926 EPS tickets were issued to offenders while 1,448 motorcycles are pending at the stations.” She added.

In other words, this operation has left youth unemployed as many are mouth to eat earners.

Experts have warned on increasing crimes in the country if Boda Boda business are frustrated.

Nonetheless, police are insisting that this operation was meant to help with rampant death in the country resulting from unprofessional Boda Boda riders actions.

It was reported that four Boda Boda drivers perish every day due to unprofessional conduct.

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