Mindset change: “Your network is your net worth, valuable friends are better than a thousand prayers,” Says Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda founder Mr. Frank M. Gashumba ( @FrankGashumba ) a renowned advocate of mindset change among the people especially the youths has come to advise the public about the key tricks that can change one’s life positively to jump out from the ditch of poverty. #WhisperEyeNews

According to Gahsumba, one having a good Network of friends that adds value to him and speaks about developmental issues is better than one who spends the day in church praying and fasting thinking that a miracle will come and change turn the tides for him to succeed.

He says that in life if you have a good network, that’s the only miracle that will change your life because even if one spends the rest of his life praying without having value-adding friends, he is like a farmer who sows seeds in a rocky ground expecting to yield a lot.

Gashumba adds that in Uganda, it’s unfortunate there are so many churches than health centers and factories adding that this is one of the signs that Uganda is a poverty stricken society where the hopeless and jobless Ugandans go to seek spiritual intervention thinking it will turn the tides in their favor.

” I was in Gayaza with my friends and on our way to the City, we counted over 40 churches on the roadside to up to kubiri near Mulago but we saw less than 3 hospitals. This is very dangerous.” Gashumba said

Gashumba further added that the owners of these churches are money minded and these are their own investments and sources of income thus these churches only change the lives of their families.

” All pastors are billionaires now. They drive expensive cars and have lead cars, and body guards. Which kind of men of God are these? Did Jesus have all this?’ He said

Gashumba has urged people, especially the youths to wake up, pray and go out to work to have something in their pockets but not put their hopes in pastors and politicians who are opportunists who take advantage of their desperate situations.

“When a politician wins a political race, he has changed his life. When a pastor collects offertory and tithe he has changed his life. You can only change yours by working hard too not paying allegiance to them.” He said

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