Museveni should retire but Bobi Wine is not ideal successor, says Andrew M. Mwenda

Veteran journalist Mr. Andrew Mwenda has come out to speak about what he thinks of Uganda after Museveni’s many decades of rule.
According to Mwenda, Gen Museveni has overstayed and thus needs to retire to allow a fresh, energetic new leader to take on after him for the long-term stability of this country.

But according to Mwenda, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi the National Unity Platform President who came 2nd in the 2021 polls is not the ideal person to take over from Gen Museveni.

Mwenda says Kyagulanyi is heading an intolerant extremist group that is pausing an existential threat to those who disagree with it or do not worship Bobi wine as a person. Mwenda adds that even if he feels Museveni should go, change should not be meaningless by allowing a group like Kyagulanyi’s to come and cause more havoc and mayhem in the country.

Mwenda further adds that Kyagulanyi is also an agent of foreigners who is ready to work and dance on their tunes something that is wrong and compromises the independence of a sovereign country like Uganda.

Mwenda also said that on a personal level, Kyagulanyi lacks the administrative capacity to run a state as he is ’empty’ on issues of economic policies, security, and foreign affairs and thus can easily land the country into serious troubles.

Mwenda says the only person he can support in the opposition is Gen Mugisha Muntu of the Alliance for National Transformation-Uganda because he disagrees with Museveni on principle, not with emotions unlike Kizza Besigye and Kyagulanyi who see Museveni as a stumbling block in pursuing their personal interests.

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