But corruption, torture, are accepted? You’re just idle! Kakwenza tells off Ssempa over DS Tayebwa human rights rants

Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija a Ugandan forced exile has attacked Ugandan Parliament Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Godfrey a supporter over his remarks at the just concluded ACP – EU meeting in Maputo. #WhisperEyeNews

In Maputo, a tough Member of Parliament made tough statements about LGBT having no human rights whatsoever and abortion having no human rights in Uganda and Africa.

“I heard someone saying that LGBT, Homosexuality, and Abortion are human rights, which must be respected universally, I just want to assure you, they can never be accepted in Uganda. “, said Tayebwa Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda.

” I’m the Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda and the parliament I lead will never domesticate laws that are against our African Values” he added.

Mixed reactions meant serious discussion on Twitter the entire Sunday on Tayebwa’s submissions on human rights.

Many started referring to Tayebwa as a hero among them self-claimed Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere.

He meant a tough response from Kakwenza Rukirabashaija a certified human rights activist now exiled in Germany after he escaped torture in Uganda.

Kakwenza replied to Ssempa Martin’s tweet, But Corruption, Torture, rape, defilement, mass shooting, pogrom, and looting are accepted? You’re just idle.

Martin Ssempa instead replied; I think it’s you who is idle!

Tweeting Kakwenza: said You are idle coz instead of focusing on eliminating what I have listed above and are clearly our problem as a country, you are smuggling your nose into people’s bedrooms and also impinging on people’s rights while imposing your dogmatic religious beliefs! Ug is a secular country.

People working closely with Tayebwa said that he scored large at the session over his anti-gay human rights something they say will improve his record as a first Period Deputy Speaker.

However many leaders have downgraded his submission as being double standards.

Issues that can never be accepted but we have no problem as long as you don’t promote them Kampala Deputy Mayor Doreen Nyanjura asked referring to a statement from Tayebwa as quite a liberal statement!

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