Elections only benefit candidates that win not the electorate, says Gashumba

Political analyst who is also the founder of Sisimuka Uganda Mr. Frank Gashumba has come out to give his opinion about elections in Uganda. #UgandaNews #WhisperEyeNews

According to Gashumba, every election cycle that happens every after 5 years in Uganda only benefits the lucky candidates who win and get big offices but the lives of their voters remains the same or even worsen.

Mr. Gashumba says when one wins, he or she gets a guaranteed salary for 5 years regardless of whether he or she will perform but the people who voted for that person are not guaranteed a meal the next day.

Gashumba has thus urged the electorate, especially the young people to wake up early every day and hustle to earn a living rather than putting their hopes in the politicians who promise heavens yet they won’t do anything to change their people’s lives.

” The elections we have every 5 years benefit one who becomes president, an MP, councilor or District Chairperson. The voters’ lives remain the same or even worsen as some waste time hoping their leaders will do something to change their lives. ” Gashumba said

Gashumba said if a lifestyle audit is to be done among the elected leaders, it is 100% that their lives improved and their spending patterns went up, unlike the electorate with their children going to better schools, marrying more women, building apartments, and so on.

Gashumba also said that this does not apply only to NRM elected leaders but all leaders across the board punching holes into the NUP slogan of “tuliyambala engule” where he said that the crown is only worn by those who win elective positions not the starving electorate.

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