Speaker Among warns media against writing opaque stories about parliament

The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda Rt Hon Anita Annet Among has come out to caution the media both mainstream and social against writing news about parliament without making thorough investigations to prove their allegations.

Among lost her cools when one a news paper media the Daily Monitor wrote a story about how parliament was planning to increase its salary for members only their efforts to be blocked by the head of State Gen Museveni who refused to put pen on paper on the bill that was presented to him on the matter.

Among said the paper was only intending to blackmail parliament because there was nothing of the sort. Among said if any media has nothing to writing, it should not take its boredom to parliament to write stories that do not add up only for the interest of having a breaking story to sale as many copies as possible.

Among added that if any media wants to write something, it should investigate enough and also ask the individuals involved in the matter for clarity before publishing it any where because baseless allegations damage the image of the institution of parliament.

The Speaker’s words also come at a time when an investigative journalist Agather Atuhaire came out to publish an article on how the speaker recruited 49 new staff members at parliament without following the proper procedures. In her story, she pointed at individuals who were recruited believed to be daughters, relatives and sons of commissioners in parliament, one daughter for the chief justice and a wife of a former Minister.

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