“NUP is the primary source of hate speech.”, says David K Kabanda

Kasanda legislator Hon Daudi Kabanda while appearing on one of the mainstream media political talk shows last evening pegged the ongoing hate speech circulating on social media on the Kyagulanyi led National Unity Platform which he says are using hate as a tool to pursue their political motives.

According to Kabanda, known members of the Kamwokya based party have for long used social media to attack, demean and defame people not sparing highly respected people in society like the Kabaka of Buganda , Nabagereka and religious leaders.

Kabanda said the Nnabagereka of Buganda, who has never uttered a single word about Ugandan politics, was in Boston, and she was attacked by people who are known to be strong supporters of NUP.

He also cited another example on how Kyuma Kya Yesu physically assaulted Hon Simeo Nsubuga during the age limit tensions on one of the buganda traditional ceremonies.

Kabanda also pointed fingers at Fred Lumbuye a NUP Turkey based propagandist who is fond of declaring people dead and accusing government of being behind their killings.

Kabanda says leaders in NUP are half baked and a reflection of their political immaturity. He futher adds that this is why they are plotting against dumping Hon Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba as the Leader of Opposition because he behaves in a diplomatic way rather than radicalism as the NUP Principal Bobi Wine would have preferred.

He further added that during the reign of Dr Kizza Besigye , there was nothing like such dimwitted behaviors by his supporters as it is today under Kyagulanyi whose followers donot spare any one.

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