A man whose son was shot dead in 2021 seeks NUP help to recover body

Man whose son was shot dead by security forces runs to NUP seeking help to recover the body of his son. #WhisperEyeNews

A man from Bundibugyo District identified as Kabigamba Jackson aged 47 has today visited the National Unity Platform head offices in Kamwokya crying for help over the body of his son who was shot dead by police officers in December 2021.

His son Chekede Ibrahim Abooki was shot by a military police patrol which had stopped him and later took off with his body. His only request is to find the body of his beloved son to give him a decent burial.

Mr Kabigamba says he has moved to numerous offices including the Uganda Human rights commisto seek help but was given a deaf ear. This media has found out that his son’s name was among the list of the missing persons that were read in parliament by the then Internal Affairs Minister Gen Jeje Odong.

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