“Talking about Bobi Wine ‘s presidential hopes is an insult to the country.” says Frank M. Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda founder Mr Frank Gashumba has come out again to attack the National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi terming him unfit and a day dreamer who can never become the president of Uganda.

Mr Gahsumba was appearing on one of the radio stations in a political talk show on Monday evening where he added that a mere discussing that Kyagulanyi can be president of Uganda is actually an insult to the public.

Gashumba also asserted that the National Unity Platform is an extension wing of the ruling NRM and thus the public shouldn’t be hoodwinked that the party has any plans of ousting Gen Museveni out of power.

Gashumba also used the opportunity to castigate Kyagulanyi for always remaining mute when his known supporters come out to spread hate on social media but very fast to come out and speak when they are arrested for the same crimes.

Gashumba has vowed to expose all the rot in NUP adding that he is ready to die for the truth and will always come out to dilute the wrong propaganda that NUP activists circulate on social media.

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