Mao’s Transition better than fake elections discuss : Lutukumoi

RE. Open Letter to Ugandans: let’s not be duped: elections will not ensure transition.

Akemo weko gwok camo cetere kene! ( Acholi wisdom that annoyance and anger makes a dog eats it’s feces!

The political science I studied in Makerere University, tells me that in politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies but interests. What’s Uganda’s interest? A peaceful transition after rulership of one man for four decades.

Today’s friend are tomorrow enemies vice verse. Look, Dr Besigye, Mugisha Muntu and Museveni were friends and shared the National resources together.

Who can challenge me that Dr. Besigye is poor? Who can disprove me that they don’t meet and plan?

Who can tell me that like other regions that have been in opposition Rukungiri where Besigye came from is punished. Where is Engineer Winnie Byanyima?

I am not being personal or tribal but I want us to open our eyes with truth, since radicalism put a spect.

Today, opposition means radicalism, dictatorship and killing opponents. Opposition are mostly agents. Uganda is a mess.

Those in power are too corrupted with power and impunity. They think they are God.

Imagine the arrogance of Museveni saying he doesn’t work for no one but family! He changes laws at will like his pants.

Why? Because he knows Ugandans are a joke. Even the so called opposition does what Mao does for Uganda, selfishly for themselves at night.

During elections, there are specific people who’s election is guarded are known. Do you think votes of Ssemuju, Lukwago or Namboze can be taken? Do you know how Hon Leader of opposition then, Betty Aol survived? There are opposition in Uganda, whom opposition is their position.

We know Uganda, has fake and sham for elections. The moral question is, how do they survive?

They don’t tick and deny them but will see them there as opposition. Elections are the life line of dictatorship in any country in the corrupt world. Transition comes through Dailoque ,election, revolution or coup. The rest won’t come. Let’s try dialogue. Many doubts Museveni but age will force him.

Why this letter? I want us to wake up from the slumber nightmare as Ugandans.

I have seen today, we neglected wisdom and education and go for “kiwani” radical leaders.

Even supporter see how they express emptiness in social media. Abusive and attack ideas.

They think working with Government you must not reason and be stupid. They are poor in pocket and minds thinking whoever works in government went for money no.

By the way, in government as RDC go to Lira and do your research. I fought impunity and improved service delivery.

I quit and denied reappointed in 2018. I am happy and progressing in new York preparing self for a new Uganda.

Yes, elections only empowers your “heroes in opposition ” financially but planning transition, that honorable Mao suggested through a national dialogue is the deal.

Finally, we need to be sober up, our elders, civil society and reasonable leaders in opposition come and support the Mao transition ideas.

Let’s arrange for Kacoke madit ( national dialogue). Here we plan our future as a country.

Now days people listen to the “ Lumbuyes” the “ Gashumbas” and hold empty leaders as their heroes.

Any sensible person not radicalized is seen to them as stupid.

What Uganda will we have? By the way, you are making Museveni’s dictatorship a nursery one. You make Drones makes look smaller than Panda gari.

By the way, Wole Soyinka, the Nigerian playwright, poet and author defined a fanatic as someone who says, “I am right. You’re dead”.

Uganda, look, Kenya has a Dr. , a PhD for president, here any Tom Dick and Harry is a presidential candidate.

Mwaka Lutukumoi.
Elder from Agwee.

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