FDC calls for a non-violent struggle to end Museveni regime – FDC

Uganda’s second-largest opposition party Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC) has come out to pronounce itself on Uganda’s political future.

Eng Oboi-led party speaks out on how best Ugandans can win against president Museveni and end his regime.

Ugandans especially the common people, should not go by the program & diversions of our captors., FDC tweeted.

We should not wait for an election; Uganda never started with an election, added.

We MUST organize ourselves for a non-violent struggle if we are to win as a population, FDC with more than 30 MPs added.

It concluded by saying calling upon for “Mobilise.Organise.Action”.

FDC which has an MP in every region of this country is looked at as the most serious people Mong the nation.

The reaction of its proposal was receiving a positive response from its supporters.

The NRM-led government mouthpiece was yet to react to FDC’s latest proposal.

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