Senior 4 student who punched the school Askari to death has been arrested

A senior four candidate of Luzira secondary school who has been identified as Duncan Byambala aged has been arrested as he turned up at school to do his exams.

Byambala is accused of punching to death the school security guard, Mr Geoffrey Mugerwa on Tuesday and this media has been informed that he will miss the remaining Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations.

As we report, the culprits is currently under detention at Jinja Road police station following his arrest on Wednesday evening. He arrest came as he showed up to sit for his UCE examinations. According to Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, the candidate will miss his remaining papers because he is under police confinement as investigations into his case are ongoing.

Trouble for Byambala started on Tuesday afternoon when Mugerwa, 22, blocked him from going out of the school compound for lunch after their morning exams before 1:10 pm as is the practice in the school.

The senior four candidates wanted to use the time to have lunch and return as they wait for their next papers but the school guard couldn’t have any of this. This led to a scuffle, which saw Byambala punch Mugerwa to death.

Police have since maintained tight security at the school. The school head teacher, Peter Homisdas Ssenyimba couldn’t be reached for comment as our reporter was blocked from accessing the premises.

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