NUP sympathise Saudah Madaada held for knocking dead a boda boda man

According to an eye witness account, this morning around 10:00am, at the Northern bypass around Kyebando round about, National Unity Platform activist Madada knocked a boda boda cyclist who was carrying a woman passenger.

It has been reported that the boda man died as he was being rushed to hospital with the woman (passenger) sustaining severe injuries.

As crowds started converging, Sauda panicked and decided to drive off to safety tempting Boda bodas riders and Patrol vehicle to chase .

It is reported that she knocked several people on the way as she tried to flee.

At around Radio Simba, the Patro shot at her vehicle tyres and the vehicle stopped. She got out of the vehicle unhurt, stripped herself completely naked and threw herself on the ground 🤦‍♂️

She was arrested and taken to Kira Road police, the car was also towed to Kira road. During the scuffle of her arrest, she sustained injuries. Police says she is receiving treatment.

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