Muvandimwe leader Frank Gashumba under social media attack over Jakana Nadduli’s death

Muvandimwe leader Frank M. Gashumba under social media attack for his alleged involvement in Jakana Nadduli’s sudden death.


There has been a rift for a long time now between Mr. Frank Gashumba and now the fallen Jakana Nadduli over the fate of the Banyarwanda immigrants in Uganda.

Before his death, Jakana had advocated for the repatriation of all Banyarwanda back to their country of origin saying that they were not Ugandans and were not a tribe and thus they were in Uganda illegally.

He also hinted at the fact that the Banyarwanda had come to Uganda as refugees from Rwanda but since the wars in Rwanda ended, it was high time they returned to Rwanda and leave Uganda for Ugandans.

Jakana’s words did not have a safe landing in the ears of some of the Banywaranda communities in Uganda not sparing Mr. Frank Gashumba who claimed that Mr. Jakana was promoting sectarianism and a purge toward Ugandans of Rwanda origin.

Gashumba later went live on TV and said that he wished Mr. Jakkana had died during the accident he suffered adding that he was a bad egg in the country speaking words that could have led Banyarwanda into death traps inform of genocide against them.

Jakana later landed in trouble and was arrested for promoting sectarianism and words that could lead to genocide. He was however released on bail and has now died shortly after that.

Social Media is now digesting Mr. Gashumba’s words with many saying that he must have been involved in the death of Jakana and thus he should be arrested based on evidence that he wished ill to the man.

We tried to contact Gashumba for a comment but he wasn’t picking up his calls.

It is yet to be known if Police will go ahead and summon or arrest Gashumba based on what he talked about the deceased.

Jakana a young son of Capt Al Hajji Naduuli will be laid to rest today at Kapeeka, Nakaseke at their ancestral grounds.

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