Lawyer Namboozo Rita’s car vandalized by night thugs!

Verified news reaching out desk that night goons have made it a habit in Bukaye village Garuga road to steal and vandalize cars of the unsuspecting residents. #WhisperEyeNews

One of the victims of this cropping vice is a city lawyer Nambozo Ritah.

Speaking to Whisper Eye, Ritah intimated to us that she only woke up to the ordeal of finding her car vandalized and all its parts stolen by unknown night goons.


She further narrates that the goons jumped her fence and proceeded to the car as all of them were asleep and they took car parts worth seven million shillings.

This is not the first robbery to take place in the same area code as Whisper Eye has learned that just last night the same happened to the neighbors of Ritah who vandalized their car in the same style.

Whisper Eye has also learnt that the locals have lodged various complaints to the nearby police stations but are yet to receive any help or support.

Local leaders urge all residents of Bakaya village to remain vigilant and security alert to avoid such mishappenings.

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