The opposition, President Museveni, Let’s talk Mao’s transition -Lutukumoi

Yes with a peaceful transition, God will remove “ Drones” like he removed “ Panda gari”: Uganda, will be free. #WhisperEyeNews #Uganda

Daniel 4:35. Reads, “He looks on the people of the earth as nothing: angles in heaven and people on earth are under his control.”

Torture, death, murdering the Constitution, overstay in power and the reign of terror will go. Just vanity. I know even none Christians read this. Forgive my quoting the Bible.

I used to be pained, I grew up under shots and fire in Acholi. We saw all manners of injustices in Acholi. I am a survivor of genocide. I witnessed people buried alive in Bucoro. I saw men who raped ( sodomy) and saw hatred and NRA now UPDF kill and Kony’s LRA kill our children abducted by LRA-made child soldiers.

More than 30.000 children were abducted, others killed, and made sex slaves or child soldiers. The government would ‘chess thump’ in kill count. “ NRA” now UPDF would address the press and say “ today we killed 2000 terrorists”.

Guess what, these are children abducted with no protection from a government now killing them. Watch brilliant g

A reason to Norbert Mao stood up for peace talks with Kony to end the war. Today, he is pumpkin because he is working with Museveni for a peaceful Uganda, then they said he was Kony’s collaborator.

After the gun went silent, I joined the Uganda young Democrats. We fought for a free democracy and accountability I know thousands like e-government.

We went through untold suffering. Comrades like Vincent Lugomvu, UYD chairman of Makerere were killed in cold blood and many others. Our motto led by Hon. Mike Mabiike and Hon. Komakech Lyandro. These were our leaders. I was elected spokesperson UYD.

In 2010 I was elected national spokesman. It was then that I saw the baptism of fire. I survived death. In work to work protest in 2011, I dated death. Remember over 8 people were killed and hundreds were tortured and arrested by Museveni militias.

That day I was tortured. I broke my back and hands. I know thousands of Ugandans are tortured or killed. I am lucky I came to America and had surgery. But the moral question is how many Ugandans are this privileged?

Look even privileged leaders like Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya is languishing in jail. Many Ugandans were abducted by the drone. Some are in pain, and others are in safe houses. Most lucky people like Professor Stella Nyanzi whose womb was tortured and her fetus removed by militia. Writer Kankwenza had his fingernails removed and went through untold torture. Thank God he is in exile in Germany.

Many Ugandans are languishing and suffering like slaves in exile. Many died in the middle east and the West. Remember a lady breastfeeding an Arab boss’s dog in Dubai?

I am happy, President Museveni was once in exile in Sweden, he knows the pain of hustling. His was short for him though.

It was from 1980-1986. But many Ugandans now took four decades doing like four jobs to survive. Worse, at home, the reign of terror, torture, and disappearance is common. During ID Amin and earlier reign of terror, we had “ panda hair” Now modernized, “ drone”.

In Uganda, we have no freedom, no voices but exclusion. For four decades, we have had one almighty king, General Museveni. He has become so arrogant that he has made everyone frenzy and fear.

The natural wealth, and leadership he will be bequeathed to the family- Muhoozi project. He rules with impunity. But it’s just the wrong advisors around him. He loves Uganda. Very patriotic. The best thing is to remind him that he can be our Father of the nation, or will vanish like Gadafi.

Let’s all applaud Mao, now being attacked by hypocrites who made opposition their position. By waiting for Museveni’s sham elections, they never support people like Mao who want change. Transition.

Mwaka Lutukumoi.
Elder from Agwee…

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