General Museveni don’t be tempted to run at 80

For almost four decades, NRM and General Museveni have had a lot to show. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews #Uganda

They have a serious bragging right for taking Uganda into a highway of development and becoming a superpower only if God visits President Museveni and educates him to swallow his humble pie and not run again.

Yes, don’t try forcing yourself to run for president after 80 years. With a strong law, Uganda can move. Don’t fear the unknown.

When DP’s Mao and NRM’s M7 signed a contract to work together, many were shocked. It resurrected the ghosts of Ugandans seen as used and dumped by Museveni, yes the likes of Agrey Awori.

Mao told the world that the pact was about Presidential transition. Rumors started flowing that “the Muhoozi project ” is real.

The rumors of using the wit of Mao as a Justice and Constitutional minister escalated the rumors that the Constitution will be changed to deny adult suffrage in the election of the President.

This was to make it easy for Muhoozi to get power easily by Parliament electing him. Many positive energies were ecstatic. It remained rumors.

But having nonchalantly watched the excitement of the Muhoozi attacking Kenya given the Twitter tirades which exalted his lack of international relations, the President had to rethink the transition. Many Ugandans were not surprised.

Museveni’s signature leadership, wisdom, and sophistication are unmatched. His sophistication saw him manage Uganda forever for four decades but seemed pained by fear of the unknown please, remember Uganda produced you, another too.

He has learned the greed of the opposition who promoted patronage meeting the regime at night and participating in all elections they call sham and also the greed of many in government. He trusts no one including his own, shadows. General Museveni must be a disappointed man having spent time grooming a project never matures!

By thinking of being a candidate in 2026 from the age of 80s to 2031, he is in a quagmire. Let’s pray, unless NRM fellows want you to die in power. If you decide to run again, you must have learned nothing and forgotten nothing, a confirmation that power corrupts.

Please, all those telling you to keep on ruling are your enemies. Twon gwok pe dwaro oro aryo! Meaning, a hunting dog doesn’t hunt for two seasons.

Please, bring back terms limits, and set up enabling laws to protect, pay, and give immunity to past presidents. Whatever the mistakes, we will look for your guidance.

Enact a law that makes the Presidency rotational. We need a law to reduce too many powers of the President and the center.

Look at Kenya’s 47 counties with governors. It’s a devolution but we can do federalism like the US. We can have two houses of Parliament. We can have nominated MPs to absorb Presidential candidates and leaders of parties.

Finally, Mr. President, it’s not about NRM to decide as you articulated against transition in your NBS interview but Ugandans through a national dialogue. Use Mao’s office and Parliament well or wait to be retired.

You said NRM will decide the Presidential transition. You make me laugh loud. You forgot that NRM is you? If NRM were independent, they would not disturb you over 80 to abandon the transition plan! It beats logic. Even a fool knows, the dullest mind would not miss the point that we will have a transition.

The transition will come, through NRM, the Army, a coup, or by God’s intervention in death. All in all, I urge and beg you, to give NRM and Uganda a chance.

To go on running for President, expect more deaths and doom for Uganda. To end these shenanigans, give way to Ugandans. They may not have the sophistication of gerrymandering politics but the law, and the constitution will guide them.

Mwaka Lutukumoi.
Elder from Agwee.

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