President Museveni awarded best comrade of the year

The minister for Kampala capital city,Hon.Minsa Kabanda has ralyed the people who attended the Comrade fellowship to embrace government programs for fighting poverty like Myooga and Parish development model. #WhisperEyeNews

This was revealed during the comrade fellowship meeting convened by NRM Sewava Joseph at his home in Seguku where President Yoweri Kaguta Museven was awarded as the best comrade of the year by NRM Sewava.The award was received by minister for Kampala,Hon.Kabanda who also thanked the President for trusting her with responsibilities in the city.”With the help of Sewava,we shall gather low income people from Kampala suburbs and train them on how to maximize Emyooga and PDM”,she said. Among other dignitaries who attended the dinner and fellowship was the deputy Inspector of government (IG),Dr Patricia Achan Okiria who also showed her resolve to fight corruption.

“Fighting the war on corruption needs coordination and collaboration from the public,”she said.She promised Sewava to visit Bukomansimbi district to train the community on prevention of corruption.Achan underscored the need to prevent corruption at community level for government projects like the Parish Development Model.

Sewava who is the National communication Assistant in the Office of the National Chairman thanked our dear President Yoweri Kaguta for always championing comradeship at all time with different groups.He also implored the people most especially from his home district in Bukomansimbi to stay honest and reliable in order to promote comradeship and win back the district to NRM.

The delegation from Bukomansimbi included the muslim clerics and people from different shades of life.

Other notable people in attendance were the Director Public Options, Adam Luzindana , RDC Kambugu, RDC Kiruhura, head of Myooga from Masaka district,Mr.Serubiri Frank coordinator of NRM in Buganda and youths leaders from greater Masaka and Kampala.

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