Opposition left stretched facing two battle fronts Mzee2026 and MK2026

The opposition in Uganda is living in a dilemma as its left confused on whom to commit its forces in the battle to take power in 2026.


As we report, opposition politicians and their supporters are facing two battle fronts, a father and son 2026 projects.

Recently team MK 2026 a Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba project for the presidency of the First son kicked off with country wide tours inform of birthday parties and celebrations of his promotion to the rank of the General but with written undertones of promoting him in the public domain to become as more popular as possible ready to appear on the ballot paper in 2026.

Shortly after, another battle front facing the opposition was opened up as numerous youth groups have come out to declare their support for incumbent Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni whom they say is the right person to lead Uganda beyond 2026 thus asking him to stand for another term.

The opposition that had for sometime thought Gen Museveni was to hand over power to his son come 2026 has been left in total confusion. Its energies and forces now have to battle two fronts ideologically looking the same but realistically running and serving two different individuals.

Sources within the NRM told this media that the yellow party is still weighing its options and testing the depth of the sea with the party not worried to open up two battle fronts as there are resources in abundancy to run the two simultaneously.

Since the 1996 polls, the opposition in Uganda has been looking thin on ground especially due to lack of enough resources to mobilize the masses as well as the tricks used by the those on power to frustrate the mobilization activities of those in the opposition.

On many occasions, rallies and consultative meetings by the opposition have been subbbortaged with many leaders and their supporters ending up behind bars for allegedly not adhering to the public order management act.

2026 which is just around the corner has started baring flowers for a new political hot boiling period that will see politicians race to retain their seats or others trying to find themselves in to positions of governance and authority.

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