“Lets resist Gen Museveni until we put his government down.” Bobi Wine

It has been clear from day one that Hon Robert Kyagulanyi’s only goal is to overthrow the government of Gen Museveni especially when he dared to contest and defeat Museveni through an election.

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While addressing the press yesterday in Kamwokya, the National Unity Platform President said that Ugandans will never have peace and freedom in their country again until Gen Museveni is pushed out of power and thus its his role to lead all Ugandans to resist the NRM government until it falls.

Kyagulanyi said that it is clear that Museveni is preparing his son whom he recently promoted to the rank of full 4 star General to succeed him after he decides to retire something which will make this country a republic monarchy which is unacceptable.

He further added that all changing seeking Ugandans should not be demoralized or threatened by the words and actions of Gen Museveni and his son but continue perusing the path of freedom just as the Libyan, Sudanese and other people did and overthrew the dictators who were preparing their sons to succeed them.

Kyagulanyi who was recently stopped from performing and raising funds for the incarcerated Ugandans in the United Arab Emirates also pegged the failure of the charity concert to the government of Ugandans which worked tooth and nail through the foreign affairs ministry to make sure the concert doesn’t go on.

Since then, NUP has improvised other avenues of correcting funds to save the Ugandans who only need airtickets to fly back home as the UAE authorities are ready to release them.

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