Big Story: Novelist Kakwenza smuggles his young family out of Uganda via Kigali

‘Kakwenza smuggles his family out of Uganda via Kigali’ , Whisper Eye Reports.

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Whisper Eye has learned that award-winning novelist and fierce activist Mr. Kakwenza Rukirabashaija commonly known as Rukira has successfully smuggled his young family out of Uganda.

Our sources who were well versed with the operation indicate that Kakwenza’s young family escaped through Rwanda en route to Germany where Kakwenza was ready to receive them.

Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija is also set to release a new Anti-Muhoozi book narrating the ordeal under UPDF Torture.

A family saw his dear wife and four children leave the country unnoticed something that has caused concern among security circles who were deployed to monitor them.

“His escape was smooth and we used loopholes within the security details that saw his family leave without any scuffle or detection at the absorbent borders,” our source said when asked.

Sometime this year Kalwenza duped the country when he asked his young family( names withheld for their safety and privacy ) to request and apply for passports!

Tweets emerged from Kakwenza indicating that the internal affairs ministry that is mandated to provide passports for Ugandans was accused of refusing to provide Kakwenza’s children their paid-for passports.

However, it’s true they received the passports after serious criticism from the Kakwenza team but they never bothered to use them for their travel.

Whisper Eye’s efforts to speak to Kakwenza were still futile despite numerous calls and messages however he recently posted a photo of his family that confirmed reports that the family arrived in Germany safely.

However his friends say that conditions had become impossible for his family without the presence of their father and Rukirabashaija was left with no option but to ensure the safety of the young family.

“His family has been kept under security surveillance all along,” a family source indicated to us.

They had no option but to runway in that style and save their future, the family source added.

Uganda is yet to react to reports of top President Museveni’s family critic family escape.

The escape of the Kakwenza family doesn’t come as a surprise after Mr. Kawenza himself mysterious escaped immediately after he got bail from Buganda Road Court.

Who is Kakwenza?

A Ugandan author who spent several times in jail after openly criticizing President Yoweri Museveni and comic authoring books that portray the image of the current NRM government.

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, an internationally acclaimed writer, was released from jail after being charged with communications offenses related to a series of tweets he posted about Museveni and his son, an army general in 2021

He has since been exiled to Germany.

He was abused and tortured by Uganda security forces

He is a pen award-winning activist who has stood for the freedom of writers around the globe.

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