Bobi Wine pegs his banned UAE charity concert on the government of Uganda

The National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has been left stranded and speechless in the United Arab Emirates where he had gone to perform on a charity Concert after authorities informed him that his concert had been cancelled for reasons they did not disclose.


Writings on the wall had earlier shown that the concert would not happen as Kyagulanyi was held at the airport for almost 5 hours with authorities grilling the ghetto gladiator as to what had brought him and what exactly his concert was about. He was later allowed to enter the UAE.

The banned concert was to raise funds to buy air tickets for Ugandans who are incarcerated in prisons but given a Lee way to leave should they have the air tickets to fly back to Uganda. Most of the Ugandans in Dubai prisons are those which expired visa stays, jobless ones and beggars whom the UAE authorities see as liabilities in country.

Upon hearing of the shocking news that the concert has been banned, Kyagulanyi blamed the government of Uganda for being behind all this saying that he had reliable information that the government of Uganda was working tooth and nail to make sure that the concert doesn’t happen.

“Unfortunately our Charity Concert in Dubai has been cancelled! The venue owner has been instructed to cancel. The information available shows Ugandan authorities have been working tooth and nail to ensure it doesn’t happen! The first attempt was to deny me entry, and now this!” Kyagulanyi wrote on his official Twitter handle

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