Museveni signs last certificate to let son Muhoozi become president of Uganda

A section of Ugandans have been shocked by the news of Gen Museveni promoting his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba from the rank of Lt Gen to full 4-star General and later dropping him as commander land forces of the UPDF. #WhisperEyeNews

To many, this is one of the steps Gen Museveni is taking calculative to make sure by 2026, his son has retired at the highest military rank in Uganda’s army and later allow him to freely contest for the presidency so as to succeed him.

For long, Gen Muhoozi has been expressing interest in becoming the next commander in chief after his father with the Muhoozi project not a new statement in the ears of Ugandans.

Muhoozi seems to be so popular among the NRM well-wishers who want their party to stay in power even after Gen Museveni recently said that the time has come for the old guard to hand over to the new generation with him as the commander in chief and this should be done in 2026.

Gen Museveni has however for so long distanced themself from rumors that he would want his son to take over after him saying that it will only be Ugandans to decide who should lead them.

He however added that Muhoozi has a right to contest for any elective position in the country because he is a citizen and has the required academic qualifications as stipulated by the law for one to contest.

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