“We cannot allow Bobi Wine to be president of Uganda.” Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba says

The first son who also doubles as the Commander of land forces of the NRA/UPDF, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has used his Twitter handle to inform the National Unity Platform President Hon Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine to forget about being president of this country because he will never be allowed to ever become one. #WhisperEyeNews

However, Gen Muhoozi did not paint enough color to whom he termed the ‘we’ but considering his power and influence in the armed forces, many political analysts say he meant the army

“Kabobi should know that we will never allow him to be President of this country!” He tweeted

In Uganda, it has been evident that any seating President who is not popular among the armed forces finds a hard time ruling with Prof Yusuf Lule and Lukwongwa Binaisa failing to rule the country for long as the armed forces saw them as too weak to be commanded by them.

President Obote, Amin, and now Gen Museveni have proved that the key factor to their longevity in the top seat over Binaisa and Lule has been the armies they have commanded with Museveni taking the lion’s share has been in power for almost 4 decades now and still showing no signs of stepping aside.

Unlike Obote who inherited the king African riffles that later become the National army, Gen Museveni recruited his army officers from the very first soldier (himself) during the days of FRONASA and NRA rebel groups.

Whoever joined his army was supposed to be loyal to him with a few who tried to act to the contrary being thrown out of the army immediately.

Some Bobi Wine supporters have replied to the first son in a scandalous way with no official reply from Bobi Wine.

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