Don’t be deceived, the Museveni I have grown up seeing will not leave his oil for his son – AKAMPA Tanbull

Well for the last one month social, digital and traditional media platforms have largely been about EACOP, #ClimateChange #Environment#HumanRights among others.

Then a few days or even hours ago Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba commands a Twitter war between Uganda and Kenya with a tweet saying that Ugandan army can capture Nairobi with in two weeks if it wanted. This tweet thread triggers social media war between Ugandans and Kenyans!

Off course very few people will believe that the General’s Twitter account has been hacked, many will take all the tweeps as dead serious since he has been good at twitting even jokes or for fun.

Wether his account handles have been hacked or not, this will cost him a political career. He has already been discredited in the International Politics as some one good at Twitter wars and not good at discussing the tangible hard geopolitics and global economics issues or international policy agenda for the new world order.

How he comes out to rebrand himself and what he really stands for largely falls upon him but as far as I am concerned, the General continues to flip away from the throne day by day.

The birthday blunders of feasting, boozing and dancing as if there was no tomorrow was not enough, the mafia fighting the MK project is with in MK’s circles!

He needs to get away from the shadows of his Father and own up to what he really stands for if he wants to be the CEO of this Country Uganda, less of this, MK might never be a President of Uganda.

He can only be if Mr Museveni allows and if he is still alive as well in charge otherwise the system in Uganda and the new world order system has not yet found room to accommodate him.

Mr Museveni and his comrades who went to the bush, waged a gorilla war and came to power, expecting him/them to easily give out power in 2026, is next to impossible!

Where do you expect Generals like the Mighty Kahinda Otafiire, Gen Jim Muhwezi, Gen Jeje and others to go? Home and graze cows/goats? What a joke?!!!

What happened over the weekend in Gen Kahinda Otafiire’s District of Mitooma- where youth endorsed Museveni as a sole Candidate for 2026 Presidential elections is a signal that the man with a big heart is still here even past 2031.

He knows it very well that it will be so hard for the son and his group to manage his oil.

And by the way, the country is already experiencing economic hardship, by 2025/2026 the economic crisis is predictably going to be more worse than it is today, especially if the situation and global geopolitics continue as they are today,
European Union will continue to pull out their Euros, UK will take their Pounds and the Americans will pull their Dollars out of Uganda’s economy.

Our shilling will hurt further, we will experience food shortages, the poor will get poorer and some of the rich will get poor as well the wealthier will continue getting richer because of connections and access to national resources.

2026 elections will dent the Country further even when Mr Museveni becomes a President, he will keep a President of Uganda until death does him apart.

Not even prayers can redirect the direction of the wheel.
Youth should focus on doing things that will enable them earn a living, many will be used as well many will loose lives!

It will be a hopeless situation and period! Start preparing for the worst now.

In my next article, will write about EACOP, Whose Oil?

AKAMPA Tanbull
A Political Analyst/Advocate for Social Justice

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