Bobi Wine calls for mass protests over the continued abduction of his supporters

Bobi Wine (@HEBobiWine) calls for mass protests against the continued abduction of his supporters.

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Today while addressing the press in Kamwokya at the party headquarters, National Unity Platform President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has asked the public to storm the streets and demonstrate against the continued arrest and kidnap of his supporters by allegedly the state.

Kyagulanyi said that it has become common for plane clothed armed men traveling in a mini vans commonly known as the drones grabbing people off the street and some from their homes taking them to unknown destinations with some disappearing for good while some of the survivors come out severely tortured.

Kyagulanyi adds that some of the survivors have narrated to him the horrors they went through while under captivity adding that many say they are asked why they support Kyagulanyi while others asked what NUP is planning to do and as to whether they are planning to take power by force.

Today NUP paraded 100s of people whose family members were arrested or kidnapped by the state security agencies with mainly women crying fowl as they have failed to trace where their husbands were taken.

Some are children whose parents were taken with many now suffering as they don’t have people to take care of them.

Kyagulanyi said Gen Museveni will pay for all the pains that he has subjected to innocent Ugandans and the day will come when he has to answer for all the crimes against humanity.

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