“Tajja Gasima!!!” Bobi Wine tells Gen Museveni to wake up from his dreams of ever getting any drop of oil from the ground

Former Presidential candidate Hon Kyagulanyi Robert has vowed to fight to his last breath to make sure that Gen Museveni does not get even a single drop of oil from the oil-rich Bunyoro region amidst orders from the EU blocking the ECOP project.

Bobi said that is it not written anywhere that it should be only and only Museveni to drill Uganda’s oil and hence as a country we should wait so that all the necessary areas with question marks are streamlined especially the environmental concerns and human rights.

Kyagulanyi has asked all Ugandans to join him in the fight to see that Gen Museveni is blocked from accessing even a single drop of the oil because he has refused to adhere to the guidelines required for the safe exploitation of the oil.

Kyagulanyi added that Ugandans are opaque about the oil agreements because Gen Museveni decided to make their personal documents and thus citizens do not exactly know how much they own as a country as well as unaware of how much will be gotten out of the oil.

Kyagulanyi also added that it is in good spirit that Gen Museveni is thrown out and then fresh negotiations which are pro-people are kicked off so that the oil can benefit all the people of Uganda, not Museveni and his family alone.

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