“NUP MPs who participated in the EALA elections will be punished.” Muwanga Kivumbi

“NUP MPs who participated in the EALA elections will be punished.” Muwanga Kivumbi.

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One of the National Unity Platform MPs Hon Muwanga Kivumbi who hails from Butambala has come out to say that any of his counterparts who participated in the East African Legislative Assembly elections will be punished because as the NUP caucus, they had reached a consensus and all agreed not to be part of the sham elections.

Muwanga’s words come at a time when it seemed like the number of votes casted (495) exceeded the number of members of parliament in the house. The calculations meant that if you add 57 NUP members on the 495, the number would go to 552 an excess of 23 votes since the 11th Parliament only has 529 MPs.

The results were also based on a assumption that all Mps except those from NUP turned up and voted something which is illogically not possible for the voter turn up to be 100%.

Muwanga therefore said that if at all any NUP mps participated, they will face the NUP disciplinary committee to answer as to why they defy orders of the party.

NUP on the D-day to the EALA polls passed a resolution ordering all its members not to be party in the polls citing the NRM bully behaviors which had already hand picked a few members from the opposition that it would support. Due to the numerical strength of the Museveni led party, it meant that whoever they chose would definitely go through. NUP thus said it was a wastage of time to go for a competition whose results had already been decided.

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