“It is immoral for the Judiciary to celebrate Ben Kiwanuka’s day when people are still being kidnapped.” Bobi wine

The National Unity Platform head Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has pointed fingers at the Judiciary led by Justice Owiny Dolo calling them incompetent and immoral as they keep on celebrating the life of the late Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka who was abducted from his chambers and never to be seen again yet the same abductions are still going on up to today.

Kyagulanyi’s strong statement was during the Duwa prayers for the incarcerated members of parliament Hon Ssegirinya Mohammed and Hon Allan Ssewanyana in Kawempe who have spent over a year in prison over alleged charges of being involved in the Masaka murders, among others.

Kyagulanyi said it is the same Judiciary that has bent all laws to deny the two legislators bail simply because they got orders from Gen Museveni who public said that criminals should be denied bail, especially those involved in murders and other treasonous actions.

Kyagulanyi advised the Judiciary that they should reflect on the life of their own Benedicto Kiwanuka who was killed by the Amin regime and think about those who have in the past times been kidnapped and denied bail yet as the Judiciary they have all the powers to grant bail to someone.

Kyagulanyi also used the opportunity to assure Ugandans that he will fight to his last breath until Gen Museveni is pushed out of power.

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