“LOP Mpuuga orders NUP MPs to distance themselves from EALA elections

The Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba yesterday ordered all the National Unity Platform members of parliament not to take any part in the Thursday East African Legislative Assembly Elections that will see 9 lucky members elected to represent Uganda in the East African parliament based in Arusha.

According to Mpuuga, the standing order comes after the leading opposition party NUP decided not to be part of the opaque procedure which evidently showed that the NRM was to dictate who should go to EALA or not. This is after the NRM caucus openly decided to choose a few opposition candidates whom they would support something that annoyed NUP. Due to the numerical strength of NRM in the house, it was evident that whoever they supported as a party would definitely go through.

“The Opposition Caucus convened again this morning to harmonize our position on the forthcoming #EALA elections. As @NUP_Ug our stand on non-participation was very clear & our Caucus earlier on resolved to challenge the process in court. ” Mpuuga wrote on his official Twitter handle

“We listened to feedback from whips of each of the parties; FDC, DP, UPC, JEEMA, PPP & NUP. From their submissions, it was evident that we wouldn’t get a consensus. It was agreed that we all stick to our party positions. #AccountabilityAndService.” He added

The Thursday election has at least 28 candidates fighting for 9 seats. The NRM caucus under the guidance of Gen Museveni decided to stick to its 6 members that have served in the previous term and also pledged support to the DP, JEEMA, and UPC candidates.

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