“Am in full support of Gen Muhoozi’s presidential bid.” Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda founder Mr. Frank Gashumba has come out to openly pledge his full support for Gen Muhoozi’s Kainerugaba’s presidential bid as soon as the 3 star officially declares to stand for the presidency. #WhisperEyeNews

Gashumba says that his desire to support Gen Muhoozi is because of his good character and tolerance of every individual regardless of where he is she comes from.

Gashumba says that he cannot support the Kyagulanyi-led group because of their extremism especially against the Bavandimwe with many of his supporters saying that the Banyarwanda born in Uganda should be forced back to Rwanda something he does not agree with.

Gashumba adds that as a muvandimwe, he will only support those who will protect them and their property not people threatening to chase them away as soon as they capture power.

He further adds that from today onwards, he will start the mobilization campaign for Gen Muhoozi to see that he succeeds his father Gen Museveni as the President of Uganda.

“Am optimistic that Gen Muhoozi is the next president of Uganda. I will support his presidential bid and will be among the lead campaigners of his group.” Gashumba said

” Kyagulanyi and his people have permanent hatred against Bavadimwe acting like Chris Rwakisisi who chased away Rwandeese on Uganda in 1980 leaving them with no option but joining Museveni in the bush,” Gashumba added

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