NUP high command fractures into factions over the ever-enlarging rupture of Bobi Wine and LOP Mpuuga

It is not a honeymoon anymore in the leading opposition party in the country as the Kamwokya-based top political players are now taking sides due to parallel differences in ideology and how the party should be run with some being accused of betrayal. #WhisperEyeNews

As we report, the party president Robert Kyagulanyi and the leader of the opposition in parliament who also doubles as the party Vice President Buganda region Rt Hon Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba are not on good ideological terms with the two pointing fingers at each other.

According to credible insiders whose names can not be disclosed, Kyagulanyi feels Mpuuga and his followers were compromised by the state through the Speaker of parliament Hon Anita Among. Our agents also informed Whisper Eye News that Kyagulanyi has realized Mpuuga is too diplomatic and less aggressive to push the struggle to the next level using his office at Parliament.

To Kyagulanyi, any public office occupied by a member of his party should be used to the advantage of the opposition by mobilizing and where possible shifting into aggressive gears to make sure the regime falls as soon as possible.

We have also been reliably informed that Mpuuga has grown too powerful in the party something that has threatened his boss Kyagulanyi with a big section of legislators led by Nakifuma County MP Hon Fred Simbwa shifting allegiance from Bobi Wine to Mpuuga under the umbrella of the G-Unit.

We have been informed that at some point, Kyagulanyi called Mr. Patriko Mujuuka and apologized to him for not giving him the party card for the Nakifuma County MP race regretting why he trusted Simbwa who has become the cause of chaos in the party. Kyagulanyi assured Mujuuka that in 2026, he will be given the card and will enter parliament.

Whisper Eye has also been informed fully that Mpuuga will only serve a term as Leader of Opposition with Kyagulanyi looking at options of appointing a woman or Hon Medard Ssegona Lubega but Ssegona has question marks due to his closeness to Mpuuga.

At some point, Kyagulanyi had wanted to fire Mpuuga immediately but only to be advised by the NUP Sec General David Lewis Rubongoya that this would be unlawful and any outcomings would damage the image of the party.

At one point, Bobi Wine’s brother Mr. Chairman Nyanzi Fred Ssentamu who was a serious NRM Cadre told him that it was a mistake to allow the former DP block members to join the NUP because they have become the main destabilizers of the party doing more harm than the good they expected out of them with Nyanzi suggesting that they should get rid of all of them come 2026 by denying them, party cards.

If Kyagulanyi follows the advice of his brother, MPs like Betty Nambooze, Medard Ssegona, and Mathias Mpuuga will be dumped for newly found young energies.

Others like Samuel Walter Mukaaku Lubega, Hon Micheal Mabikke, Hon Ssajalyabeene, Hon Kasibante Moses, Sulaiman Kidandala, and Kenneth Paul Kakande already took a French leave after being denied party tickets for the 2021 polls.

We shall keep you updated.

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