” You are too weak upstairs to debate with me ” MP Nsereko belittles NUP Principal Bobi Wine

The Kampala Central MP Hon Muhammad Nsereko yesterday shocked citizens as he belittled the celebrated National Unity Platform Principal Hon Kyagulanyi Robert terming him as mentally too lame to argue with him on matters concerning laws. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

Nsereko said if there is to be any debate on issues concerning laws, Kyagulanyi should look for his level like Hon Kato Lubwama with whom they share a diploma in Music Dance and Drama (MDD) but not him as a certified lawyer.

The squabble came about after Kyagulanyi termed the new computer misuse bill as the Nsereko bill who was used by the regime in power to zip the lips of Ugandans by denying them the freedom of speech and expression as the law will target those who use the internet to defame, blackmail, insult and post pornographic material.

Kyagulanyi said that Nsereko was among the most intelligent Ugandans but turned out to be an intelligent idiot who chose to bootlick Gen Museveni because of money not bothering as to what will happen to the people of Uganda.

In retaliation, Nsereko defended self by saying that Kyagulanyi is not smart enough to understand law issues and thus he should look for people like Kato Lubwama who he shares the same level of intelligence with.

Nsereko added that being a party president doesn’t make anyone any smart upstairs and thus he feels he has no time to argue with someone who is very illiterate when it comes to issues of the law.

“I was him in parliament. I know his level of thinking. He is fit to argue with Kato Lubwama but not me. I did law and he is a diploma holder in MDD. I cannot subject myself to a debate with a person of such a low level. ” Nsereko said

By the time of this article, MP Nsereko was a subject of various of course non pleasant comments on various social media platforms over his comments.

In 2021 elections Hon Nsereko defeated Bobi Wine’s elder brother Fred Nyanzi to Kampala Central MP slot .

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