Latest Legal Alert: Steel framed two or more storey buildings banned by government – Gen Katumba

Uganda’s NRM-led government has banned the latest new-found new construction method.

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A detailed Legal Notice supplement No.9 on the Whisper Eye desk indicates that Hon Edward Katumba Wamala has approved the ban and a law has been gazetted to the effect.

Dated 23rd September 2022, Under the building control Act, 2013 states ” in the exercise of the powers conferred upon the minister responsible for building operations by section 42 of the building control Act, 2013 and after consultation with the National Building Review Board, this Notice is issued this 19th day of September 2022.

Section 2 of the same act states, the prohibition of steel timber concrete composite building method.

The use of steel timber concrete composite building method is not safe and is prohibited in any building operation., the law ends.

The law is now gazetted having been signed by the Hon Minister of Works and Transport.

Reactions from various Ugandans have commenced on various social media handles.

” Latest Legal Alert, steel framed building with concrete for flat houses has been banned, Advocate Mulalira Faisal Umar tweet reads.

Various construction site websites define steel frame buildings as metal structures, consisting of horizontal steel beams and vertical columns, welded together in a rectangular grid to support the floors, walls, and roofs of buildings. Steel frame structures are used to form the ‘skeletal frame’ which a building is then constructed around.

The building method had become Ugandans’ favorite mainly those investing in the real estate industry for its cheap cost in terms of building materials used.

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