A New Police post opened near Bobi Wine’s home in Magere

The Uganda Police Force has today opened up a new Police post at the Freedom drive route that connects to Hon Kyagulanyi”s home the President of the National Unity Platform.

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To many NUP supporters, Police is simply trying to spy and curb the movements of the principal who is seen as a threat to the ruling government ever since he came out to challenge Gen Museveni for the top seat in the country.

However, according to Police, many new Police posts have been opened up in the country with Magere not being a special case as many people may want the public to think.

Police say more posts are being opened up country-wide to provide more security to the different areas in the country as a way of curbing the increasing crime rate in the country.

Among the concerned citizens is the Kyadondo East MP Hon Nkunyingi Muwada who said that he has a feeling that the Police is trying to find means of illegally sabotaging the movements of the NUP president by mounting irrelevant roadblocks getting directives from the NRM government.

” I urge Police Officers to desist from taking Political sides & not to use the new police post in fighting proxy wars for the regime against NUP & People Power. I openly remind them that Magere houses our PRESIDENT and historically we have seen Police being used to mount irrelevant roadblocks and imposing unlawful house arrest.” Nkunyingi said

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