Uganda’s Singer Namakaka Fingers based in South Africa cooking something

Namakaka Fingers who is among the best dancehall male artistes in Uganda based in South Africa in Johannesburg has announced plans to release his first well-extended play (EP) this year. #Music #NewMusic

He made the announcement this month on all his social media platforms noting that he’s cooking something big for his Ugandan fans to be released very soon. birthday, September 9.

“My first professional EP Jorbergu boy is coming out very soon! This one is very special, can’t wait to share it with y’all,” reads Namakaka Fingers’s tweet.

This comes after the South African Uganda dancehall male artiste released a series of impressive singles, from ‘ Mbika’, Mulina, Mwana Munange, Soweto to Kampala featuring South Africa top Ampiano singer Kay E Bonaretsang to ‘Ondikumutwe’, as well as his latest single ‘ Kubaluka and Wankola Ekintu’, which was produced by top producers in the country including Eno beats, Artin Pro among others.

Speaking to Whisper Eye about the upcoming project, Namakaka said that he is doing final touches on the EP which is produced in different genres of music such as Afrobeat, urban dancehall, reggae, and old ragga.

She further noted that the EP holds 10 tracks namely, Ondi Kimutwe, Wankola Ekintu, Ensolo, Kubaluka, Eat Your Money, Munange, Mulina, Mbika, International Gal, and Soweto to Kampala.

“All these songs mean a lot to my musical career and the fans. It’s an experience of my musical journey that I want to share with my fans. It has only bangers,” he said.

Since he started making music as a solo artiste, Namakaka Fingers has been regarded as one of the most gifted artists in Uganda although now he is based in South Africa.

He rose to prominence after releasing several songs that saw him win Ugandan awards based in south Africa.

He went ahead to stage various concerts in South Africa that are graced by several Ugandans musicians in South Africa.

He’s currently also in preparation for a dancehall music festival concert that will feature Bennie Gunter Dj Mercy Pro and many dancehall musicians in South Africa.

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