The EU Parliament is simply acting as a bully with its usual neocolonialism acts says Ali Sekatawa, PAU

The director of legal and corporate affairs of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda Mr. Ali Sekatawa has come to express dissatisfaction with how the European Union Parliament is trying to interfere with the affairs of a sovereign state like Uganda. #WhisperEyeNews

This is after the EU Parliament ordered Uganda to halt the East African Crude Oil pipeline project citing human rights violations and environmental concerns.

According to Sekatawa, these are the usual neo-colonialism ideologies that the whites love to impose on African states but this time around, Uganda is not going to bow to such illogical directives because we understand our country more than they do.

Sekatawa said that in 2021, EU delegates came to Uganda and met with the Petroleum Authority officials but he was disappointed with the way they were acting as they were asking irrelevant questions like if Uganda really had the capacity to put up such a long heated pipeline while others were telling the PAU top management to halt the project promising them some funds from the EU.

Sekatawa added that the EU delegation thinks they can seat in Brussels and decide what should be done in Uganda which is hilarious.

” That same group passing stupid resolutions came here and was acting as a bully, undermining our capacity to set up such a long heated pipeline. The problem is that they think Africans should always be beggars and cannot do anything for themselves.” Sekatawa roared

Sekatawa further added that the pipeline is taking into consideration a lot of environmental concerns thus the EU is only using the environment as a hiding curtain for its other unknown intentions.

“Europe itself has many oil pipelines running under the seas and oceans. Why don’t they stop using the pipelines but are pointing their eyes to Uganda,” he said

Sekatawa said no matter what the EU says, Uganda will still go on with the project and if European companies pull out, Uganda still has a number of options to count on.

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