Naguru land grabbers behind the planned assassination of the speaker, says David K Kabanda

NRM MP Hon David Kabanda has come out to give more light on the alleged plan of assassinating the Speaker of parliament Hon Anita Among. #WhisperEyeNews #UgandaNews

According to Kabanda, those planning to take away the Speaker’s life are the aggrieved land grabbers who illegally took the public land in Naguru a Kampala surbub after the speaker standarding firm and kept fighting tooth and nail to make sure the public land is saved.

“The fight against corruption and impunity in Uganda is very costly and deadly, it can lead to loss of your life. All the wars against Rt. Hon Anita Among originate from her brave decision to save Nakawa/Nagulu Land from opaque Land grabbers.” Kabanda wrote on his official Twitter handle

The Speaker recently came out and stated that her life is in danger as assassins are tip toeing her though she didn’t not mention which the ill faters were.

Of recent the former state minister for lands Hon Persis Namuganza has been under scrutiny by the Ad-hoc committee of parliament to answer cases of corruption and give a clear documentation of the manner in which some companies and individuals acquired the Naguru-Nakawa land.

Ms Namuganza was faulted for falsifying a presidential directive that saw Uganda Land Commission allocate land to certain entities during her tenure as lands minister.

Namuganza has forlong been publicly stating that Speaker of parliament Anita Amont is behind her woes using her speakership powers to influence committees using them to fight personal wars with individuals.

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